Together we can move faster and farther.

MDBI recognizes the recent improvement in the overall research output of African-based researchers. This improvement is a consequence of many initiatives that are actively implemented in Africa.  We know that there is still a long way to go because Africa still has the least contribution to global research output. We have been through the difficulties associated with doing research in Africa and we have clear ideas on how to tackle these challenges in the short, medium and long terms.

As part of our efforts to contribute to high-quality research output in Africa, we are activating the initial phase of our virtual collaboration platform. The virtual collaboration strategy is designed to bridge the gap between researchers and research facilities that are heterogeneously distributed on the continent.

In the nearest future virtual collaboration will ensure that the network between researchers and research facilities will be fully autonomous. We want to bring intra-collaboration to the fingertips of everyone.

Our objective at this stage is to match researchers with laboratories where needed facilities are available within the shortest time possible. Please see the list of research techniques within our reach.


Technique Brand od Equipment
AA-graphite Perkin Elmer
AA-Flame Perkin Elmer
AA-Flame/Graphite Anajeka
AA-Flame Agilent
AA-Flame Shimadzu
AA-Zeeman Wirsam
ICP-OES Thermo
ICP-OES Shimadzu
ICP-MS Perkin Elmer
ICP-MS Shimadzu
FTIR Bruker
FTIR Perkin Elmer
NMR-1H &13C Bruker
NMR –solid state Bruker
UV/Vis Shimadzu
UV/Vis Perkin Elmer
GC-TCD Bruker
GC-FID Shimadzu
GC-FID Chromspec
GC-MS Shimadzu
GC-MS Leco
IC Dionex
XRF- powder and bead Shimadzu
XRF-powder and bead Wirsam
XRD -powder Rigaku
XRD- single crystal Bruker
Karl Fischer (Moisture) Mettler Toledo
Viscometer Anton Paar
Zeta particle size analyser Malvern
CHNS-O analyser Thermo
SEM Cal Zeiss
Optical microscopy Zeiss/ Leica
DSC Mettler Toledo
Microhardness testing FM 700
Tensile testing Instron
Fatigue testing Instron
Hot deformation testing Gleeble 3500 Thermomechanical Simulator
Vacuum induction melting Hot Platinum
Vacuum electric arc melting
Electrochemical testing techniques Metrohm
Researchers can now use the two services we offer at this stage for FREE

Use a facility

We have several techniques that can be accessed by researchers through our network.

We provide a very quick link between researchers seeking to use facilities and lab managers in charge of these facilities.

We guide researchers on sample preparations for various techniques.

We provide information on the duration it will take to get results from experiments.

We do not negotiate the cost of experiment as it is at the discretion of lab managers and researchers.

We do not facilitate payment for experiment as different Universities apply different financial policies.

Visit a lab

We help to secure placements for master’s and doctoral candidates who are seeking to travel to other universities for bench work.

We have partners across Universities in South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Candidates willing to use this service must have funds to support their travelling and living expenses.

Depending on the field of research, we can help candidates to secure potential hosts in Europe, United States, Canada and Brazil.

*Candidates must write a proposal that is not more than 3 pages.