I had the opportunity to meet Dr Michael Bodunrin during my undergraduate studies at the Federal University of Technology Akure in 2013. I became closer to him in 2018 while I was with University of Johannesburg. He happily advised me through my preparation and application for advance degree in the United States. I applied to 5 schools across the globe and he recommended me for all. I was admitted to 4 graduate schools across Germany, Canada and USA. He guided me on making the right choice and accepting the best offer. He has continued to offer support and guidance even though I’m far away from him at the moment. I know scores of people he is currently mentoring and our movement in the right direction is enough testimony of the efficiency of his mentorship. Dr Bodunrin’s contributions to my progress – and other people’s progress – will always be appreciated.

Emmanuel Bamidele

Michael was my supervisor in my final year research project at Wits University and I wouldn’t ask for a better supervisor. He’s very dedicated to his work as his focus levels are very high. He helped me produce good quality work thar boosted my confidence as well. I remember meeting on a Sunday to finish off a test trial for the research project. To me that showed how Michael is highly committed and passionate towards research. I produced a good research project because of Michael’s guidance. Working with him taught me patience, with patience comes embracing the research work, which results in an unwavering passion. Once passion is developed, research work can become an endless journey filled with excitement, joy and satisfaction. Thanks to Michael for providing me with good guidance during my final year of Varsity. The lessons I received from him are still applicable even today at my workplace. Wishing you all the best on this journey you are embarking in spreading your great qualities to the world. Many people will appreciate your work and assistance as you direct them in the right path of Research. Enjoy the journey.

Sagwadi Mashimbye

He is a man of integrity who guides student to the path of success, knowing him makes me have more interest in the field I am today because he showed me what I was missing, his a kind man who understands that everyone has is own weakness and he never give up on is student. This man have touched my life positively and the best I can do is to do the same to others who are looking up to me. read more

Babalola Saheed Adeoye