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Michael Oluwatosin Bodunrin believes in GOD.

He is firstly African and always a common man. He is a husband, father, brother, uncle and more often than not, a friend. He draws his inspirations from the day-to-day challenges of his immediate environment, the inexplicable desire to make a difference no matter how trivial, the beauty of nature, success stories of others and occasionally from movies like 3-idiots. He would naturally engage in discussions about the Universe, relationships and marriage, leadership and community development. Despite coming across as someone with unpopular opinions, he would not hesitate to air his views on sensitive issues like religion, racism, rape and bad governance.

Michael believes in education

Michael believes in education and he was quick to learn that “life is material and material is life”.  For that reason, he pursued a degree in Materials Science and Engineering, a course that afforded him the knowledge to develop new materials or modify existing materials for the benefit of mankind. He loves the aroma of metals, hence he specialized in metallurgy- a discipline that focuses on the study of metals. His favorite metal is titanium, a material he has been studying for at least six years.

Oluwatosin can be naughty

He is fond of making other peoples’ habits his own and his jokes sometimes get him into trouble. The habit of “thinking aloud while pacing” was an act he picked up from his friend in 2009. He is addicted to saying, “No Hassle”, this is an expression he picked up from his doctoral advisor. He loves playing soccer and would like to manage a football team later in future.  His favourite positions in soccer are libero and regista. He has assumed quite a few nick names while growing up, but he has recently settled for Mazi Ashiwaju meaning Mr Front runner.

Bodunrin talks

Bodunrin will not consider himself as someone who speaks fluently, but he would occasionally engage the public through his opinion articles and popular science articles. Some of which can be found on the webpage of reputable organizations like The Conversation, Africa Research Institute, Science Today, African Academy of Sciences and NRF SAASTA just to mention a few.  He spends his leisure time reflecting critically on “TIME”, his favourite topic. He hopes to learn everything about “TIME” and how it influences what seems to exist or not.

MOB is real

Michael Oluwatosin Bodunrin would like to be remembered as someone who was “REAL” every day of his life and as someone who admired the contributions of philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Soren Kierkegaard and René Descartes. These philosophers laid the foundation of relativism, rationalism and existentialism – the schools of thoughts he strongly identifies with.