Michael was my supervisor in my final year research project at Wits University and I wouldn’t ask for a better supervisor. He’s very dedicated to his work as his focus levels are very high. He helped me produce good quality work thar boosted my confidence as well. I remember meeting on a Sunday to finish off a test trial for the research project. To me that showed how Michael is highly committed and passionate towards research. I produced a good research project because of Michael’s guidance. Working with him taught me patience, with patience comes embracing the research work, which results in an unwavering passion. Once passion is developed, research work can become an endless journey filled with excitement, joy and satisfaction. Thanks to Michael for providing me with good guidance during my final year of Varsity. The lessons I received from him are still applicable even today at my workplace. Wishing you all the best on this journey you are embarking in spreading your great qualities to the world. Many people will appreciate your work and assistance as you direct them in the right path of Research. Enjoy the journey.