I have known Dr. Micheal Oluwatosin Bodunrin for seven years. He has nurtured me in my academics journey right from my undergraduate days. He played a huge role during my master’s program and he has been a formidable source of inspiration to me to date. He taught me the rudiments of research and also helped to significantly improve my presentation skills. I have learned diligence and consistency having him as a mentor. He is resourceful, focused, passionate, and most importantly he is devoted to his vision of building the dreams of young individuals who wish to develop a career in academia and other facets of life. His life and achievements have taught me that however overwhelming the desire to succeed might seem, one must stay focused and optimistic to attain his/her goals. In him I have found someone who has walked a path and is willing to take others through that path- he, however, ensures that you don’t make the mistakes he made. Thank you so much for giving yourself to ensuring my growth, and I sincerely hope that in future I can give back and be a mentor to others.