I have known Dr. Bodunrin since my undergraduate studies, but I got the opportunity get closer to him during my masters degree. He’s a devoted, diligent and an unrelenting mentor. What amazes me most is his availability, the way he has made resources and instructions available to us especially via MDBI is quite applaudable , Lest I forget, he’s selfless also.
He taught me the rudiments of academic writing: sourcing for the right information, constructing a standard table, deducing a strong outline, abstract and conclusion formation, and the art of engaging critical thinking in the process of developing the papers.
He’s also patient with learners, especially for a beginner like me, he also made me to believe in myself and to aim higher.
He’s a great researcher and a calm person with a balanced view of the world.
I must confess that it’s a great privilege to be connected to a personality of a virtue like this.
I appreciate all you do for humanity.