Welcome to the official website of Michael Oluwatosin Bodunrin, the Builder of Dreams. Here, we hope to build our collective dreams into reality through PEER MENTORING and VIRTUAL COLLABORATION among individuals and corporate institutions.

PEER MENTORING and VIRTUAL COLLABORATION are the core strategies of Mobodunrin Dream Building Initiative (MDBI). Our initiative targets individuals with interest in research at various levels in the academia.

Meet Mobodunrin

Our Goal

We seek to contribute significantly to the existing efforts of building the critical mass of patriotic and self-motivated individuals that aspire to transform the society to a better place.

Our Core Values







Virtual Collaboration

Mobodunrin leverages on the networks that were built over the years to provide the following services:

  1. Research visit placement
  2. Access research facilities

Ready to be Mentored?

Our mentorship approach is unique because we consider all participants as both mentees and mentors. This is to create a level playing ground where everyone can share his or her experience and learn from each other. We share useful tips and opportunities. We recommend career developing programmes offered by our trusted partners all over the globe. We leverage on the technologies that are easily accessible to improve the career of our participants remotely.